Mediana Designer’s validation

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Software testing

The standard test-driven development approach was utilized when the Mediana Designer simulation library was created. A detailed set of technical specifications was prepared and a comprehensive set of unit tests was constructed to ensure that each function in the simulation library was compliant with the requirements.

In addition, multiple commercially available and open-source software tools have been used to test the implementation of statistical methods supported by Mediana Designer:

Test summaries

Detailed summaries of the following tests are available:

  • TraditionalSampleSize module versus R-based tests developed by Mediana Inc.
  • TraditionalSampleSize module versus TraditionalSimulations module.
  • TraditionalSimulations module versus Mediana.
  • GroupSequential module versus gsDesign.
  • GroupSequential module versus EAST.

Download the test summaries (Microsoft Word documents) in a single ZIP archive.

User acceptance testing

Over 20 testers from across the biopharmaceutical industry have reviewed beta versions of Mediana Designer and provided valuable feedback that helped address multiple issues in the application’s interface and in the simulation library.